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AutoQB v1.8 Released


For vendors who deal primarily with a single Vendor, AutoQB now has the ability to set the Invoice Number to be the same as the PO Number. Contact us to discuss enabling it.

Scheduler v0.40 Released


  • Added Work Day Start and End Hour customization. This allows you to to change what hours show in the main grid area and possibly end your day later. (Settings->Grid Tab)
  • Added Appointment Granularity customization. This allows finer or coarser dragging of appointment start and end times. (Settings->Grid Tab)
  • Fixed minor rendering issue related to background color on the 11 pm to midnight.
  • Added handling of connecting to QuickBase accounts that had their credentials changed.

Scheduler v0.39 Released


Increased compatibility with additional ProjectsForce vendors.

Scheduler not launching? Here's how to fix it.


There has been reports that the Scheduler has not been launching recently in Windows 10. This is due to a recent Microsoft Windows 1803 Update that broke software for millions of people. The recommended course of action is to roll back the update. So if you are stuck at launching the program, follow these instructions.

Scheduler v0.38 Released


Fixed some bugs in the Scheduler.

  • Sorting the Unplaced DataGridView won't hide Google Maps markers.
  • Dragging back to the original start, date time will remove the "Project has been rescheduled" installer note.
  • Selecting a placed project will bring the associated marker to the front.

Scheduler v0.37 Released


Scheduler is now integrated with Google Maps. Fixed a minor rendering bug with filtered out Projects overlapping each other.

Scheduler v0.36 Released


Scheduler gains the ability to quickly filter Unplaced and Placed Projects. It now maintains sorting of Unplaced Projects when undoing from placed. Fixed a bug where undoing did not instantly move the appointment back to the original resource.

Search ScreenShot

AutoQB v1.71 Released


Purchase Order Shipping Address is now the customer. Purchase orders have the option to have their items set to the store that originated the work. Contact Chad to have this enabled. Improved some error reporting.

Scheduler v0.35 Released


Scheduler added City column to the Unplaced Projects. Added the ability to hide the City and Zip Code columns under Settings, Columns.

Scheduler v0.34 Released


Scheduler removed exclusion project status Project Scheduled.

Scheduler v0.33 Released


Scheduler added exclusion of more project status (Detail Cancelled, Detail On Hold, Exception Completed, Project Scheduled, Work Order Cancelled, Work Order Cancelled, Work Order On Hold). Fixed minor resource leak.

Scheduler v0.32 Released


Scheduler improved handling of non responsive servers.

Scheduler v0.31 Released


Scheduler improved handling of tool tips when overlapping. Fixed potential crash case.

Scheduler v0.30 Released


Scheduler fixed a crash when changing companies.

Scheduler v0.29 Released


Scheduler now has a 5, 6 and 7 day work week views. Tweaked auto refresh to only run when no pending changes. Fixed another bug with pop-ups showing incorrectly when changing dates. Fixed save button getting stuck on after a refresh was used to discard changes.

Work Week View Icons

Scheduler v0.28 Released


Fixed Scheduler project reassignments not changing the outline to red. Added vertical scrolling to the calender grid.

Scheduler v0.27 Released


Added an automatic refresh every 5 minutes to the Scheduler. This will not revert unsaved changes.

Scheduler v0.26 Released


In the Scheduler, fixed a bug with appointment pop-ups showing for an unselected installers.

AutoQB v1.70 Released


In the case of a new Vendor with the same name as an existing employee, AutoQB will now add the new Vendor with the " (V)" suffix.

AutoQB v1.60 Released


Added the ability to rename Jobs as the Invoice #. Added the ability to place Invoices at the customer or the job level.

Scheduler v0.25 Released


Added the ability to view and add internal notes to projects via the Scheduler.

Internal Note Demo

Scheduler v0.24 Released


Changed the ProjectsForce Scheduler to include projects from the last days of the previous month.

Scheduler v0.23 Released


Based off of a customer request, ProjectsForce Scheduler now shows the customer address on mouse over.

Scheduler v0.22 Released


Two bug fixes for the Scheduler.

  • Fixed crash when ProjectsForce had misentered dates that can't be represented in unix time.
  • Fixed crash on new installation due to uninitialized custom assignment colors.

AutoQB v1.5 Released


Two minor fixes in AutoQB.

  • When upgrading from a previous version, if unset Adding Jobs is now defaulted to off.
  • Added automatic recovery of cache file corruption.

Scheduler v0.21 Released


Based off of customer feedback, ProjectsForce Scheduler now has the ability to have custom assignment colors and text. Restart and upgrade to obtain the new functionality.

Assign Colors Dialog

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